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New Website Announcement

How ’bout them updates? It’s been pretty dead. If you remember, when I started this blog, it was sort of going to be a photoblog and behind-the-scenes about my photo projects. It still may be, occasionally, but the mission has changed. I’d rather just use this as a place to vent my crazy theories. It’ll be just a slight shift, since I’ve been doing that all along. Those were always the most interesting posts, anyway (at least to me).

I’m happy to say that my completely new photo portfolio is online:
McCauley Photo Co.

It’s funny how you can tweak and tweak something and never quite be happy with it, and sometimes that fussing even gets in the way of creating new things that you were trying to showcase all along. I’ve had this site looking sort of like this since around August, and in the months between then and now I’ve been changing content, the logo, and background stuff. What I’ve settled on should be pretty permanent. What’s also interesting (and good) is that at this time last year, my standards for myself and my work weren’t as high, and so work that I saw as ‘fine’ one year ago wouldn’t make the cut today. I’ve been trimming stuff and trimming stuff and — who knows — by this time next year, maybe I can raise it to a newer level and a lot of the stuff in there will be cut.

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Just the beginning: Experiments in Light Painting

Lightpainting is a process where you take a long exposure image at night, and selectively illuminate what you want to show up with conventional lights (not flashes). So instead of a strobe, you can use a flashlight, and whatever you don’t hit [paint] with the light will stay dark. You have to go somewhere that’s pitch black, because the long exposures (15 seconds or more) will amplify any ambient light in the background or reflect on the car. Finding somewhere completely dark isn’t easy when you live in a city of sprawl such as Houston, Texas.  Continue reading…

Track Photos from a Texas World Speedway Weekend

I spent last Saturday hanging out at Texas World Speedway with my friends in The Drivers Edge. TWS is an interesting place – it’s a partially dilapidated oval-racing relic from 1969. The grandstands, seen above, are condemned. Despite this, the track hosts driving schools and private tests all the time.

I don’t think they use the full oval very much, but the driving clubs utilize the banked front straight and infield road course which actually extends outside of the oval. It’s a very fast, 15-corner circuit, and it’s quite intimidating. I last drove at TWS in December 2010, and though I went this time just to hang out, I still had a ton of fun just being around the atmosphere. While there, I managed to take some pictures as well.  Continue reading…

Wayback Machine to 2004: GT3 at Texas World Speedway

Yesterday I went to Texas World Speedway, in College Station, TX for The Drivers Edge. I got a ton of photos which I’ll post on here soon, but I felt a little nostalgic and today I looked back to images I took at TWS in the past. I went in 2003 and 2004 as a spectator to a few events while I was in college. In September 2004 I went to a Porsche club event and brought my Nikon FM10 that I was using for my B&W Photography class. I don’t remember what happened with any of the other negatives, but I did develop this image for my class and I decided to get very experimental with the processing.  Continue reading…

Remembering the BMW E34.

My father owned this 1995 BMW 530i for more than 16 years before selling it in December, 2011.

The 530i had a very unique 3.0L V8, mated to a very slow-witted 4-speed auto. It also had incredible steering, comfortable ride, and seemed to shrink around you. This was the first car I ever drove (I think I was 14), and I remember spending way too long with a tiny brush trying to clean the the deep mesh spokes of the 15″ wheels.  Continue reading…