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99 Problems

Since I frequently track a heavy, heavy street car, it’s common to hear me say “I got 99 problems and brakes are all of them.” The Brembos have been very, very good, but brakes still take the most abuse of anything, and are the most likely part of the package to have issues. So when I heard a metal scraping sound from the rear (once per wheel revolution), I really thought it was a rotor/deposit issue or something with the caliper. My first go-to solution, crossing my fingers and hope it fixes itself, didn’t work unfortunately. Continue reading…

My Brembo Saga: this is why I don’t work on cars

This is not a typical post, but a long, technical ordeal that was too ridiculous not to document.

I didn’t publicize this too much as it was happening too much because it’s colossally embarrassing and I was pretty caught up in it. Here’s what happened: I bought a set of second-hand Brembo calipers and rotors, installed them and everything was okay except for some issues with the front left caliper. When I went back to re-bleed the brake system a few weeks later, things got worse.

Continue reading…