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Guest Post: Dave Russell on why turbocharging isn’t always a great idea

I can remember being a kid and thinking, “why doesn’t every car have a turbo?” Now, as an adult with a few years of HPDE experience under my belt, my motto has changed to “NA all the way” – let me clarify.

This discussion pertains specifically to road courses and track driving in general. Also, there’s a big difference between cars that come forced-inducted from the factory, and the world of aftermarket turbos and superchargers — I’m only talking about aftermarket applications. Continue reading…

Why does Volkswagen Group hate rear-wheel drive?

I like rear-wheel drive. It’s purer, simpler and direct exposure fills your head with unrealistic delusions of man-over-machine heroics. On Evo’s Top 10 Greatest Drivers’ Cars, eight were RWD. So why does Volkswagen, our soon-to-be #1 global sales overlords, hate it?

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