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How I created the Jalopnik Lancia Stratos typeface

If, years from now, my legacy is the guy that made a font based on the Stratos logotype, I would be entirely okay with that. After obsessing over the Stratos lettering for years, and then lamenting that there wasn’t a good vectorized version of the logo available online, I started to create my own. Naturally, that led to creating more letters, and soon it became a full-blown alphabet project.

It was winter, I was post-college-unemployed and living in a poorly-insulated apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I had just read through the House Industries hardcover non-stop; the book profiles a design studio that specializes in beautifully ornate and offbeat type designs, and it left me dying to create some kind of alphabet, mostly so I could create a slick poster to promote said alphabet.  Continue reading…