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The Time I Accidentally Stumbled Across the World Tour Citroën DS Ambulance in Queens

It was 2006: I was post-college unemployed and had just moved to Long Island City. When I wasn’t job-searching, I was pretty deep into reading random Wikipedia entries and watching Arrested Development reruns.

Naturally, this is when I became infatuated with the Citroën DS. As you do.

New York is one of the harshest environments on an old vehicle, but somehow it still remains a fantastic place for finding weird, obscure cars. I was still learning this when I was out at night and found a white Citroën DS street-parked a few blocks away from my apartment. I ran home and grabbed my terrible 2005-era digital camera and took some terrible 2005-era digital nighttime photos of it. Our apartment wasn’t large enough so store a tripod, so, sorry.


Knowing how bad the shots where and that I didn’t have a lot going on the next morning, I made a return visit to the Déesse the next day.

Only now, there were two of them! And the owners were standing beside them chatting! It was a Citroën DS Ambulance, covered in handprints and graphics and grime. I guess he had stopped to meet up with another local DS enthusiast. I spoke to them, briefly, and they explained the Tour, but it didn’t set in immediately. Before I knew it, the DS ambulance was on its way.


This happened years ago and I still think about it. It’s one of the most serendipitous things that’s ever happened to me. Much later, I researched the Lunaya World Tour, and found little tidbits across the internet. The driver, Manuel Boileau, (or maybe it was Lunaya) described the purpose was “to meet local populations and to produce photo and video features depicting children from all over the planet.”

Citroën and Lunaya both used to have news features about the trip but they don’t seem to be reachable anymore. According to this article from Brazil, the whole trip lasted from 2005 to 2008, and Boileau only used paper maps to navigate, no GPS, which is kinda cool. It’s a remarkable achievement and I’m glad I was able to be in the presence of it, even if by accident.

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New Website Announcement

How ’bout them updates? It’s been pretty dead. If you remember, when I started this blog, it was sort of going to be a photoblog and behind-the-scenes about my photo projects. It still may be, occasionally, but the mission has changed. I’d rather just use this as a place to vent my crazy theories. It’ll be just a slight shift, since I’ve been doing that all along. Those were always the most interesting posts, anyway (at least to me).

I’m happy to say that my completely new photo portfolio is online:
McCauley Photo Co.

It’s funny how you can tweak and tweak something and never quite be happy with it, and sometimes that fussing even gets in the way of creating new things that you were trying to showcase all along. I’ve had this site looking sort of like this since around August, and in the months between then and now I’ve been changing content, the logo, and background stuff. What I’ve settled on should be pretty permanent. What’s also interesting (and good) is that at this time last year, my standards for myself and my work weren’t as high, and so work that I saw as ‘fine’ one year ago wouldn’t make the cut today. I’ve been trimming stuff and trimming stuff and — who knows — by this time next year, maybe I can raise it to a newer level and a lot of the stuff in there will be cut.

Related: feel free to check out my Tumblr, which I update more frequently, here.

Attending the 2012 United States Grand Prix

It’s not very often that your favorite international racing series decides to hold a motor race practically in your backyard, but I’ll take it! It’s taken me years to make it to a live Formula 1 race, but it finally happened and was better than I dreamed.

The last time I was at Circuit of the Americas was in March, and it was still mostly dirt and expectations. My, has it changed. The facility is incredible, and almost overwhelmingly huge. It takes a while to get anywhere, so you tend to stake out one spot and stay in that area for most of the day. Continue reading…

WTF happened to this Mercedes?

This is a couple years old, but it’s always fascinated me so I wanted to give it a more permanent place on the web. I was riding my shoddy bicycle on the upper west side of Manhattan in summer 2009 and came across this baffling Mercedes 300TD wagon. What happened? Why was it parallel parked here? And where did the piano that fell on it go?

Continue reading…

35mm Pictures from Monterey (that took 3 years to scan)

These previously-unpublished images are scans from the 2009 Monterey Historics which featured Porsche. In addition to the digital and Holga pictures I took at the time, I shot a few rolls with my Olympus Trip 35, which I finally got around to scanning. I’m headed to the same event later this week, which was partially the motivation for getting these scanned. Continue reading…