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New Website Announcement

How ’bout them updates? It’s been pretty dead. If you remember, when I started this blog, it was sort of going to be a photoblog and behind-the-scenes about my photo projects. It still may be, occasionally, but the mission has changed. I’d rather just use this as a place to vent my crazy theories. It’ll be just a slight shift, since I’ve been doing that all along. Those were always the most interesting posts, anyway (at least to me).

I’m happy to say that my completely new photo portfolio is online:
McCauley Photo Co.

It’s funny how you can tweak and tweak something and never quite be happy with it, and sometimes that fussing even gets in the way of creating new things that you were trying to showcase all along. I’ve had this site looking sort of like this since around August, and in the months between then and now I’ve been changing content, the logo, and background stuff. What I’ve settled on should be pretty permanent. What’s also interesting (and good) is that at this time last year, my standards for myself and my work weren’t as high, and so work that I saw as ‘fine’ one year ago wouldn’t make the cut today. I’ve been trimming stuff and trimming stuff and — who knows — by this time next year, maybe I can raise it to a newer level and a lot of the stuff in there will be cut.

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A look at the McLaren ‘P1′

I hate to do something “news-ey” since that’s not really what I’m about but something happened and I wanted to comment on it.

Today, one of the most anticipated cars, with perhaps the highest-ever expectations for a supercar, was unveiled: the McLaren P1. Or, at least, it’s “design study.”  So let’s do our own design study. Continue reading…

Cycle World Design Review: More of the Same

I hate to be a jerk, I really do.

But sometimes, my sense of design-snobbery gets the better of me and it happens. This was the case a few years ago: the agency I was working at had some issues of Cycle World laying around in the media department. We always had fashion magazines lying around, but anything automotive or motorcycle-related was a rare treat. I read through them, noticed some truly questionable design choices, and eventually the visual faux-pas accumulated to the point that I felt compelled to take to Twitter and berate @CycleWorldMag for it. Yeah, I know: jerk. Continue reading…

How I created the Jalopnik Lancia Stratos typeface

If, years from now, my legacy is the guy that made a font based on the Stratos logotype, I would be entirely okay with that. After obsessing over the Stratos lettering for years, and then lamenting that there wasn’t a good vectorized version of the logo available online, I started to create my own. Naturally, that led to creating more letters, and soon it became a full-blown alphabet project.

It was winter, I was post-college-unemployed and living in a poorly-insulated apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I had just read through the House Industries hardcover non-stop; the book profiles a design studio that specializes in beautifully ornate and offbeat type designs, and it left me dying to create some kind of alphabet, mostly so I could create a slick poster to promote said alphabet.  Continue reading…

Texas Hill Country Teaser (Updated)

A few weeks ago I took a day trip through some scenic parts of Texas I had never been to before. It was immensely fun driving somewhere just to drive, not driving to get somewhere, and the natural surroundings were far prettier than what I’m used to in Houston. Head on over to the always-brilliant MotoringConBrio later in the week to see the full writeup and photoset.  Continue reading…